Tania Goryushina

The Loop

Have you ever tried to catch someone’s eye on the Stockholm metro? I have. If peoples’ eyes meet,
it becomes a source of discomfort to be caught by somebody’s sight. The confusion makes a person slip his/her eyes away immediately, usually down to the floor, to their phone, to the window. People look at you somewhere in-between the top of your ear and temples, as if you do not exist. Isn’t it little bit sad?

By signing up to a dating web page, I expected to find a friend thinking naïvely that it would not take much time, and it would be much easier than in real life. ­

I was chatting with men aged between 30 50. According to my dating experiences, most of the divorces in Sweden seemed happen to men around the age of 40-42. Usually a man already has 1 or 2 children. Some men experience stress after a recent divorce and then search for someone who could perhaps fill their emptiness.

Many men were searching for intimate relationships and so came different kinds of offers. There was a range of direct, sometimes perverse messages from men and sometimes I was even offered money in exchange for sexual services. When I removed my nationality from the profile, I stopped receiving rude messages of sexual nature.

This project is not about me or my nationality being discriminated by men. The project reflects the poetry of running driven by loneliness, fear, sexual desire and hope. The body Ego is an innocent child running aimlessly in the field. Running in a loop. In a hurry toward something, or from something.

This child, I transformed into the rabbit. The image of the rabbit becomes an archetype of innocent Bodily desires.

Three watercolor paintings. Each 220x152 cm.